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Based on a true story, authors Ann M. Leis and Gail Danziger Klein recount Gail's mother's experiences during a tragic time in history-the Holocaust. Inspired by a family photograph, Ann and Gail tell a story not only of hope, but of the strength and courage it took to overcome immense hardship. 
Little Renee, a vibrant eight-year-old Jewish girl living in Hungary, takes readers on a journey through history-from her days of dancing and singing with butterflies near her cozy home, to the wake and reign of Adolf Hitler. Renee uses her imagination and love of music while confined to the ghetto, and eventually Auschwitz concentration camp, to distract her from the surrounding atrocities.
Music of the Butterfly: A Story of Hope allows children to view life through Renee's eyes-a child living through the Holocaust who remained hopeful of a brighter future.  Although life can be unfair, this book teaches children the importance of never using hope even when faced with bullies and incredible obstacles. 
The colorful illustrations guide readers through the metamorphosis of a butterfly as they are simultaneously led through Renee's challenging yet triumphant journey. Young readers will learn the importance of keeping hope alive, standing up for what is right, and the knowledge that tomorrow can bring a better day.
Above, the photo that inspired this story; 8 year old Lili Rosenberg - Renee's sister - in her handmade (by her mother) butterfly costume, circa April, 1943
An illustration from the book.