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Music of the Butterfly: A Story of Hope is based on the memories of Holocaust survivor Renee Rosenberg Danziger, and mother of co-author, Gail Danziger Klein.
Renee's little sister Lili, whose photograph inspired this book, perished at Auschwitz concentration camp at age ten. Renee was seventeen years old when she and her family were transported there in May 1944. As a way of coping, Renee hummed songs and imagined beautiful things to guard herself against the unspeakable atrocities she witnessed every day. Renee, her sister Elsa, and her cousin Etu were among the few family members to survive the Holocaust.
After the war, Renee went to the United States where she became an American citizen and worked hard to learn English without a Hungarian accent.  At age twenty-two, she met her husband Benjamin at a party where the two danced the night away and fell in love. They married and had two daughters, Gail and Leslie, and were doting grandparents to Joshua and Stephen.
Renee dedicated her life to music and the arts, both of which had been important to her since childhood, and which she felt helped her cope during the war. She worked tirelessly to bring people to America who would otherwise not be allowed to live lives of freedom.
Over the years, Renee gave exceptional support to the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Symphony, and the Museum of Fine Arts by volunteering her time, energy, and financial resources. In 1995, she was honored with the Masterson Award for a lifetime of achievement by the Houston Grand Opera. Renee lived to be eighty-six years old. Shortly after her passing, Renee’s dear friend, Maestro Lawrence Foster, conducted a concert in her honor in front of a full audience at the Houston Symphony.